The Age of Beauty

The Age of Beauty is an original Tabletop RPG setting and campaign created by me, Mariah.

It’s only been a few weeks since I began this creative endeavor, so I’ll return to update this post as I go.

The Age of Beauty is the title of the new era in my original world given by a goddess, the first lesser goddess to proclaim her authority in the material plane. A princess by birth, she encouraged her brother the king to go to war and conquer surrounding nations. For generations now she has overseen all of their victories. With the most recent king, she has allowed the royal family to stop conquering outsiders and instead begin the process of beautifying their land, which includes ridding their expansive country of all ‘ugly’ races and monsters. There have been massacres, genocides, and frantic migrations for those creatures quick enough to outrun the king’s armies. Some have fled across the seas and some have hidden themselves away in an impassible mountain range along the northern border. However, it’s only a matter of time before the armies get to them, wherever they are.

The setting also draws inspiration from fairy tales. The first campaign I am creating here begins in a small village called Downhill, nestled between a lake and the northern mountains. The human settlers here speak with Irish accents, and their survival is dependent on a pair of magical items pulled straight from an Irish fairy tale. The campaign itself is original, but players will find more fairy tale parodies as they embark on their adventures.

In this blog I’ll be sharing original content from this campaign, as well as Campaign Diaries once I begin my first adventure as a Game Master (look for this around the end of June 2019).

My husband, Alex, is more of a Tabletop RPG enthusiast than I am, and soon he will create his own YouTube channel to help teach newcomers the logistics of D&D in a somewhat unique way. I’ll be sharing a link to the channel once he does so.

In the meantime, I fully intend to begin posting at least once a week.

Thank you for your interest! I’m excited to see where this adventure leads.

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