How This Works

Wondering about my methods for writing up my Campaign Diaries?

Haha. Me too.

At this point in time, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m severely sleep-deprived and I feel like my writing is all wonky. I had ideas for how I wanted to write my Campaign Diaries, but once I started writing them, it turned into something else. Now I feel like I have to write a different post to explain some of what I’m doing. So, here I am.

Originally I meant to write diaries as we played them, describing parts of my experience as a DM and how the players did things and what happened when we rolled the die. Instead it turned into a narration of how the session went down. I thought about deleting it all and starting over, but on second thought, this seemed like a perfectly acceptable way of writing my campaign diaries, considering what the purpose is of this web site. I plan on turning my campaign into a campaign book, after all. There are other aspects I would have liked to talk about with my Campaign Diaries, but those things can be done elsewhere.

Because I’m doing it this way, I’m going to be uploading the campaign in Chapters rather than session entries. Chapter 1 is long enough for a blog post and that only covers maybe half of how far my group got in our first three hour session. Everything else we did yesterday might be enough to be its own chapter, but our next encounter would make a better end to it, so there may be weeks where I don’t publish all or any of what our group did.

I’m doing my best to take notes during my campaign, but after yesterday’s session I had to write most of it down from memory afterwards. I like to include some speech in my Chapters, but it’s never going to be 100% accurate in reflecting exactly what the characters or NPCs said. All of this is from my perspective as it is. I’m doing my best to write down only what I know for sure happened and not give false words or motivations to the character, but this isn’t a flawless method for doing so. I might get little things wrong sometimes, and hopefully it’s only the little things. That being said, I will have my husband (who is one of my players) read my articles before or after publication to see how things match up according to what he remembers. My other players might get on board with this, too. Who knows.

Another important thing to note is that not everything my group does or sees is canon according to the official campaign I am creating. For example, all of Chapter 1 was material I created in the 24 hours before we played so that my group’s characters would have a reason to know each other, travel together, and end up at the campaign’s real starting place for a good reason. The city Chapter 1 takes place in is likely in a real city canon to my campaign, but I haven’t yet decided if circuses exist in this country. This is just an example of how I’m accommodating my players and their characters, which is something I expect a lot of DMs would do playing a preexisting campaign.

This is all I can think of to write down right now. I’ll be updating this article as I see fit with more information on my process with running and writing up this campaign.

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